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Elbirt, Benjamin. "The Nature of Networks" Thesis presented to SUNY Buffalo, Department of Communication in partial satisfaction of requirements for a Masters Degree, Buffalo, NY, USA, May 2007 - pdf/data
Conference Paper PresentationsConference Poster Presentations
Elbirt, B. S. (2011). Social Network Measures as Semantic Text Analysis Indicators for Compound Tokens. 2011 International Social Networks COnference (INSNA), St. Pete's Beach, Floriday, USA.

Barnett, G. A. and B. S. Elbirt (2006). TWO APPROACHES FOR EXAMINING LONGITUDINAL SOCIAL NETWORKS. 2006 International Social Networks Conference (INSNA), Vancouver, CANADA.

Elbirt, Benjamin. "The Nature of Networks" Paper presented at the Sunbelt XXVIII Conference, St. Pete's Beach, Florida, USA, 2008.

Elbirt, Benjamin. "Jacob's Ladder 11" Paper presented at Sunbelt XXVII Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 2006 - pdf

Tutzauer, Frank. and Elbirt, Benjamin. "The Distribution of Entropy-Based Centralization in Sparse, Directed Networks" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, TBA, San Francisco, CA, May 23, 2007 Online <PDF>. 2009-06-15

Elbirt, B. S. (2011). Elbirt Technologies Software Suite - The Next Generation in Data Visualization and Analysis using Network Analysis Methodology. 2011. International Social Networks Conference (INSNA), St. Pete's Beach, Florida, USA. - PDF

Elbirt, Benjamin "Jacob's Ladder 12.1 - A Presentation of the Fowler Congressional Bill Cosponsorship Networks Data" A Software Demonstration presented at The Harvard Networks in Political Science Conference, June 11-13, 2009

Elbirt, Benjamin "Jacob's Ladder 12" Software Demonstration presented at Sunbelt XXIX - San Diego, CA, USA - March, 2009.

Elbirt, Benjamin. "Jacob's Ladder 11.0 and Information Saturation ABM 1.0" Software Demonstration presented at the Sunbelt XXVIII Conference, St. Pete's Beach, Florida, USA, 2008.

Jacob's Ladder 10 - 18th Annual CSE Graduate Conference; g-Conf 2005; SUNY Buffalo - Power Point

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