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Matrix to Coordinates

Data Conversion from Multiple Matrix Formats to Reimann Coordinate Systems

[M2C 4.0 GUI]
This application will convert relation (matrix) data into Reimann coordinate spaces for use with the ET-V Visualization software (and any other software that can use coordinates). The software utilizes MDSJ (Algorithmics Group, 2009, Brandes and Pich, 2007) for coordinates, JUNG (O'Madadhain, 2005) for Centrality Calculations and includes a custom Procrustes rotation algorithm for longitudinal study. Unlike other algorithms, this one can rotate uneven spaces; those spaces with some shared concepts but also containing unshared concepts.

The resulting coordinates work such that the closer two objects are the more structurally similar they are. Thus, structurally equivalent objects will overlap.

Although the program will handle any size data your system memory will allow; the calculation time will vary based on the depth of dimensionality chosen and additional calculation / output options.

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