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Elbirt Technologies Visualizer (ET-V)

Multidimensional Data Animation, Visualization and Intonation Application
for Creating Virtual Reality Displays

ET-V 1.0
ET-V (formally Jacob's Ladder) is software for the visualization, intonation and animation of multidimensional data in a multi-dimensional space. ET-V is targeted toward any research involving the use of multidimensional data. The software provides individuals with the ability to animate and/or overlay real-time multidimensional data of any type or size in an OpenGL space with maximum variability in dimensional representations including, but not limited to, object size, spin, type, position, color, audio note, velocity, channel and instrument (MIDI). Examples are provided for political (Fowler, 2009) and migration patterns (Barnett & Sung, 2003).
Recent News

February 14, 2011 : Updated application to fix Background/Foreground color issue that caused a crash when using White backgrounds with data.

Important Changes from Previous Versions

  • Updated to JOGL 2.1
  • GUI Rebuilt for modern look / feel.
  • I/O Rebuilt for faster display with less memory/cpu.
  • Spin functionality.
  • Ego Cluster Display Options.
  • XLS and XLSX input files (no more NetXML needed).
Documentation and PublicationsSoftware Downloads
ET-V 1.0 Documentation - pdf

M2C & ET-V Presentation Powerpoint (11/05/2010) - pptx

M2C & ET-V Poster PDF - Sunbelt XXXI Conference (2/2011) - PDF

Elbirt Technologies Installer - 32 bit Windows OS

Elbirt Technologies Installer - 64 bit Windows OS

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